Buying Hockey sticks over the years has changed – Fact!

Back in the day when everything was black and white and hockey sticks were made of wood there were only a few choices to make. Pick the right head, stick size and then weight. Once you had cleared these seemingly simple obstacles it was all about getting a stick that looked the part. Obviously a few people will happily skip steps one to three and simply buy a good looking stick although they would never admit it!

Fast forward to now. Wooden sticks are almost extinct and when buying composite sticks you are faced with so many choices and yet players still don’t really know why they should splash the cash on what kind of stick.

At KaBo we want to help you find the right stick, as well as keep things in black and white.

After becoming increasingly frustrated by prices being charged by many other manufacturers, KaBo was formed. By sourcing our products directly from the factory and having full control and input in the stick design we are able to offer a range of sticks that are as good as the leading brands but at a fraction of the price.

Shouldn’t everything in life be like that?

Keeping it black and white

At KaBo we don’t think we should bombard you with jargon that sounds very special but really is a quite straightforward feature.  

Our range of sticks are fully explained in a way that even a non-hockey player could understand.


What do you want from your equipment? The best looking, the most fashionable, the best quality, the most reliable?

All of the above? We have all felt special when we have hit that sweet spot on a stick. The reassurance of knowing your gear will help you be the best you can be... and more!

Kabo know that your stick and your kit is unique to each individual. We offer a range of shapes, sizes and weights. If you love our product, but we aren’t providing what you need, get in touch. We will listen and try to develop what you need.

Kabo will continue to produce great quality products that look equally impressive. We will push the regulations to the limits and where possible, develop products and features that help your game progress.

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