KaBo - What do we like? and what will we do?

OK so firstly let's be completely straight with you, setting up KaBo is not a vendetta against other brands! Over the years we have all got through our fair share of kit, snapping, wearing out, and repairing stuff like anyone else we have played with.

But over the years we think things have changed in hockey, some of it has been really good, like the bow on a stick helping almost everyone wang one into the top corner at least once in their lives! But also some bad stuff, like the cost of kit and some of the overblown design disasters on kit!

How is KaBo different?

The sticks are not full of colours or over branded, we have pulled back this on purpose instead going for sharp contrasts and sleek minimalistic designs.

We want someone to spot our sticks because they look different and standout from the crowd after all where’s the fun in following the herd?

Value needs to be at face value...our plan isn’t to match the prices of leading brands with a fictitious RRP and then have a big Sofa company style sale where we can shout about our massive savings on a Bank Holiday!

Trust us to get our retails in the right place, that’s not to say we won’t run any incentives or promotions, of course we will because we want to delight players out there and turn them into KaBoTs!

And finally we want to enjoy ourselves and ensure that we don’t take ourselves too seriously, ultimately we are hockey players and the type of people that play to win but have a laugh in the process.

If this makes any sense to you then great you understand our ethos, if we need to explain further then perhaps you are best waiting until the end of season when a massive brand will be running a 70% off sale :)



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