Introducing amazing Phoebe!

A couple of months a go a lady named Sharron contacted me to ask for raffle prizes for a raffle she was planning to run at a junior hockey tournament in aid of Cystic Fibrosis. She told me all about her 10 year old daughter Phoebe who has this condition and about how it affects her life. Phoebe loves hockey and as part of her daily regime she has to engage in at least an hours exercise. Hockey is her favourite and she is an active member of Preston H C Juniors. I was so blown away by Phoebe's story which you can read below that we have sponsored Phoebe and now she has some swanky new KABO kit to use for her hockey games and practices. Her mum is just as amazing too and has raised lots of money for the charity. Sharron gives up her time to coach hockey in Phoebe's primary school too. Grass roots is where is starts and this is what we love @ KABO!

Phoebe's Blog =

I have Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and this condition involves at least an hour of exercise a day and it can be challenging but I need to do it to be healthy. I do lots of breathing exercises, physio and I use a machine called an I-Neb, which gives me different medicines to help my lungs to reduce the amount of mucous I produce. Even with all that going on I still set myself challenges like climbing Ben Nevis and Snowden which I am glad to say I got to the summit on both mountains. My entire life is evolved around sport! Also during lesson time at school I do need chocolate, crisps and things like that and children in my class say it is unfair but they don't realise what I go through at home and at the hospital. I know deep down that I am not normal and I do try my hardest to be like any other child but who I am can never change. Lots of people ask me what's the hardest thing and it is not being able to breathe like any other person. 

My favourite exercise is HOCKEY and my dream is to become a famous hockey player, I look up to Sam Quek and Alex Danson. Playing hockey makes me feel normal like I don't have the condition. I will never let my condition control my life and hopefully one day I will be the first CF girl to play for England. Hockey is my life and always will be. When I play hockey it isn't all good because I have been told I'm terrible by some boys but them saying that has made me stronger and better. And this is my moto - if you get knocked come back stronger!

At primary school I did struggle some times with my tablets (creon) but in year 5 on CF day I did a power point all about my condition, I also had lots of supportive teachers around me who helped me feel normal and not left out when I couldn't do something because of germs. Also my mum has been doing and still is doing hockey training at my school because of my passion, because of her doing this it has inspired lots of people to join Preston Hockey Club. I want to play hockey for a living getting paid for playing a sport I love - this is my dream. When I play hockey it feels amazing!


Phoebe xx